RELC Work Plan Seminar 2024

The annual Work Plan Seminar 2024 was held on the 9 May 2024 and was attended by 47staff from the RELC team. The first half of the seminar was used as a coaching workshop conducted by EON. The session focused on enabling staff to re-evaluate their own skillsets while identifying specific attributes that could prove imperative for them to succeed in their respective positions. In addition to encouraging all to adopt a growth mindset when upskilling themselves, the insightful experience also enabled staff to better understand and communicate with their peers through the GROW model.

The second half of the seminar comprised of presentations led by the Department Heads of TRAC, SA, BIT and CS, while EB, HR and FND pre-recorded their sessions for prior viewing. The presentations outlined the various projects undertaken by the respective divisions in the past fiscal year along with their 3-year roadmaps. Staff also got chances to show off their competitive side with a variety of teambuilding exercises as well as multiple quizzes to test their awareness on the plans and contribution of each department.