Teacher Training Courses

Teacher education has been our core focus since our foundation in 1968. With our long-standing history and with our specialist knowledge of teacher training, we have enabled in-service teachers from Southeast Asia and beyond to deepen their professional understanding, master new sets of skills and advance in their careers.

These courses are designed for professional development programmes, language teachers of all levels, teacher trainers, school leaders, university lecturers with effective EMI skills and strategies in teaching their academics.


Preparing Senior High School Content Teachers for Bilingual Teaching

With the move towards bilingual education, there is a need to equip content teachers with confidence and competence to balance the use of English and their L1 in their teaching so that learners will be able to acquire both content and language proficiency at the same time. This professional development programme is specially customized for senior high school teachers to enhance their competence in the use of English for bilingual teaching. The programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Develop content teachers’ confidence and competence in using subject-specific, generic academic and colloquial language within a language-for-schooling framework; 
  • Enhance content teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge of how to deliver content lessons with attention to learners’ academic and general language development; and
  • Equip content teachers with pedagogical knowledge and skills to integrate Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approaches into their existing lesson plans.

An English Teacher Training Course

This is a course to comprehend the key theories, principles and concepts in English language teaching, demonstrate the use of appropriate trainer strategies and interaction patterns in training, and review and update training materials used in English language teaching.

A Certificate Course in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

This course is designed for those interested in teaching English to non-native-speaking adult learners of English. The course aims to fulfil the following objectives: 

  • Equip participants with instructional skills and strategies to teach English to adult non-native speakers of English;
  • Develop participants’ understanding of language learning processes and approaches;
  • Develop foundational classroom teaching skills to teach receptive, productive and multimodal skills as well as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation; and 
  • Hone participants’ language confidence and competence in using classroom language for instruction and management.

Language, Bilingualism and Education

As the educational contexts in the world are becoming increasingly multilingual, knowing how to teach in these contexts are crucial, especially for language instructors. This course equips the participants with necessary pedagogical knowledge and skills to be readily applied in their own language classrooms that are most likely multilingual in nature.

This is course recommended for language teachers of all levels, teacher trainers and school leaders.


• Bilingualism and Language Ideologies
• Bilingual Education
• Bilingual Development

Our range of customised teacher training courses includes:

• An Introductory Course in TESOL
• English as an International Language
• Innovative Pedagogy
• Assessing Language Skills

In order to meet the needs and expectations of learners and clients in today’s world, RELC can deliver live online courses using Zoom, online blended learning courses using Zoom and our learning management system, or face-to-face in a classroom at RELC or in a client’s premises.

For enquiries on above courses, please email us at course.enquiry@relc.org.sg

Google Reviews By Trusted Customers

ယဉ်သူ အောင်
ယဉ်သူ အောင်
Thanks Dear sir/madam for my certificate. Please, I would like to suggest that you should insert words (Pass/completely successful) to certificate.
Juvilou Boling
Juvilou Boling
All the staffs are accommodating and the facilities are truly home away from home.
Huch Phearun
Huch Phearun
On 9th January 27th January 2024, I had received a scholarship to attend in person on the course of teaching Listening and Speaking. It is fabulous 😍😍 I am really miss SEAMEO RELC Singapore! Hope and hope, I can see you again in the next future.
Irontowel Wang
Irontowel Wang
I have had a very enjoyable and fulfilling two months here. Every teacher here is very friendly and professional, I have learned a lot of professional knowledge, and also have an understanding of the situation in Singapore.
Kiet Do
Kiet Do
Getting to participate in this course is one of the luckiest things in my life
Quynh Nguyen
Quynh Nguyen
You made a wonderful course, good facilitation, good accommodation! Thks a lot
During the time I stayed and atttended the English Instructure course at SEAMEO Regional Language Centre.", I had a variety of experience as follow: - The incorporation of interactive activities makes our lessons engaging and encourages student participation. - The use of multimedia resources effectively complements traditional teaching methods, catering to diverse learning styles. - Clear communication and well-structured lessons contribute to a positive learning environment. - Teachers demonstrate a strong command of the English language, setting a great example for students. - Incorporating cultural elements into language lessons enriches the learning experience and broadens students’ perspectives. - Encouraging a supportive and inclusive classroom environment fosters effective communication and student engagement. The modern and well-equipped classrooms provide a conducive environment for effective learning. Access to a diverse range of literature and learning resources enriches the educational experience. Utilizing technology in classrooms enhances the delivery of content.
Phu Doan
Phu Doan
The SEAMEO English Teacher Training course has been an invaluable journey, equipping educators with dynamic strategies and fostering a collaborative environment. Through insightful modules and engaging discussions, it has elevated teaching methodologies, ensuring a more impactful and student-centered approach. Gratitude abounds for the enriching experience and lifelong teaching tools acquired

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A very nice and affordable hotel with great facilities. Rooms are spacious compared to other types of similar hotels and service is good.

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Feel very welcomed upon arrival and checking in. No frills and curteous staff. Nice lobby smell. Room was comfy, and I appreciate that the toilet has ventilation shaft.

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Walking distance to this hotel. Before check in ensure that you get your snacks and drinks, and necessities. The surroundings are quiet and have a nice view. Price can be checked with Agoda and any travel app.

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Location 15 minutes walk to Orchard Road. It will be better if you have your own transport to this hotel. Before check in ensure that you get your snacks and drinks, and necessities.