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University of London (UOL)
UOL offers a variety of courses for students to study independently or with a teaching institution. UOL courses are assessed by coursework and term exams. RELC Examinations Bureau is the only approved UOL Exam Centre in Singapore.

University of London (UOL)

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The University of London (UOL) offers a variety of courses for you to study independently or with a teaching institution, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These courses encompass a vast array of subjects ranging from Accounting and Finance to Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health. Please click here to view the list of courses available. RELC Examinations Bureau is the only approved UOL Exam Centre in Singapore.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Student Identification Update for 2018 Examinations


With effect from April 2018, candidate who do not present Photographic Identification will not be permitted to sit for the examination.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Change of Exam Schedule for Postgraduate Health Studies


The scheduled examination date on Friday, 15 June 2018 will be changed to Monday, 18 June 2018 due to the gazetted Public Holiday in lieu of Hari Raya Puasa.


Please see the following revised exam timetable:

Subject Code Subject Title Examination Time Revised Examination Date
CTM205 Data Management 10am – 12.15pm


18 June 2018
GHM201 Health System 10am – 12.15pm


18 June 2018
PHM209 Globalisation and Health 10am – 12.15pm


18 June 2018


Your Admission Notice may still state “Friday, 15 June 2018” as the examination date for the above papers but PLEASE DISREGARD THIS DATE ON THE ADMISSION NOTICE AND TAKE NOTE OF THE REVISED EXAMINATION DATE!


Announcement 22/12/17:

  • Registration for the February to June 2018 UOL Examinations will commence from 4 January till 17 January 2018.
  • 2018 UOL Examination Fees are now available for viewing!
  • To find out more, please click below under Registration for UOL Examinations.

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Application to the University of London (UOL)

Application Procedure

Certification of Documents For Application
Educational documents can be certified at RELC EB by presenting the original and the photocopies of the documents. A certification fee is payable in cash. (Transcripts and statement of results need not be certified.)

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Registration for UOL Examinations
Registration Period
Registration for February to June 2018 UOL Examinations:
  • Standard Registration Period: Thu 4 January to Wed 17 January 2018

  • Blackout Date:  Thu 18 January 2018

    No AXS payment will be available from Thu 18 Jan 18, 12am to Fri 19 Jan 18, 3am. 

  • Late Registration Period: Fri 19 January to Wed 31 January 2018

    Late Fee payment of S$85 will apply after blackout date except for students who sat for Undergraduate Laws Re-sit, Postgraduate Laws & Other Master/PG Diploma / PG Certificate October 2017 Examinations who will have extended registration deadline as follows:

    • Undergraduate Laws Re-sit Students - Extended Deadline : Wed 31 January 2018
    • Postgraduate Laws & Other Master/PG Diploma/PG Certificate Students who sat for Oct to Dec 2017 exams- Extended Deadline : Wed 31 January 2018
    1. Candidates need to ensure that they have paid their Initial Registration Fee (IRF) and Continuing Registration Fee (CRF) by the following deadline in order to be able to download the Examination Entry Form (EEF) in mid-December: 


    Continuing Registration Fee (CRF): 1 November
    Initial Registration Fee (IRF)         : 30 November


    Otherwise they need to login their query via the UOL Student Portal “Ask a Question” link or complete the Student Advice Centre Form.


    2. Once you have downloaded the EEF from the 4th week of December, login to RELC Candidate Portal to ensure your subject entries in RELC Candidate Portal and the EEF tallies. Then proceed to AXS station for payment during the registration exercise.  Otherwise email RELC EB at with email subject as “Subject Entries Issues” and attach EEF for clarification.


    3. For new candidates, you will be able to access RELC Candidate Portal from 4th week of December after receiving the email on their Login ID (ie UOL SRN) and Password.

Mode of Exam Fee Payment

Please note that examination fees, local fees and late fees (when applicable) are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Payment of examination fees, local fees and late fees (when applicable) must be made to RELC EB in Singapore Dollars through any of the following modes:


  • AXS Stations (Note: Payment via AXS is only available for January Examination Registration.)


    At the AXS station, select Education > SEAMEO RELC > RELC EB (Exams/Tests) > University of London Exam Fees. Acceptable cards: any ATM/Debit Card or POSB/DBS Visa/Master and Diners Club Credit Card. Ensure withdrawal/credit limit is sufficient. 


    Please click here to view the screenshots of AXS payment page. 


    After you have successfully paid at the AXS station, please indicate the Receipt/Auth number and date of AXS payment on the Exam Entry Form (EEF) and log into RELC Candidate Portal (choose Submit Documents option) to submit page one of your EEF by the next working day. Please keep the AXS receipt as proof of payment as this is the Official Receipt.  RELC EB will NOT issue another receipt.


  • Cheques or Cashier’s Order

    (Note: Cheque /Cashier’s Order Payments for students on Sponsorship / Study Loans / Exam Fees of S$3000 & above.)


    Candidates will need to attach the signed EEF together with Cheque / Cashier’s Order and submit to RELC EB by the stipulated deadlines. Please ensure the following requirements when making Cheque / Cashier’s Order payment:

    1. Cross the cheque by drawing two parallel lines across the top left-hand corner of the cheque and cancel “or bearer” on the cheque;
    2. Write clearly payable to RELC EB
    3. Payment is in Singapore Dollars (SGD) only and it is not post-dated
    4. Ensure there is sufficient funds in the account, to avoid cheque being rejected when it is presented for payment. A dishonoured fee of S$50 will be chargeable for rejected cheques.
    5. Write your Full Name, NRIC/FIN/Passport Number, UOL SRN (Student Number) and Contact Number on the reverse side of the Cheque/Cashier’s Order.
    6. Submit the Cashier’s Order/Cheque together with your signed EEF to the following address:


    UOL Exam Registration 2018
    RELC Examinations Bureau
    Level 3 RELC Building
    30 Orange Grove Road
    Singapore 258352



    If you intend to send the payment to us by mail / post, we strongly recommend that you use secure post or registered mail to ensure that the mail do not get lost. Entries received after the stipulated deadlines will be subjected to the Bureau's approval and a late fee of S$85 will be imposed for all approved late entries.


    Candidates are strongly advice to read the FAQs for 2018 February to June Exam Registration for important and updated information.


    You must email RELC EB at, if you make changes to your programme or modules before and after you make payment. Please use “Subject Entries Issues” as your email Subject and state your Full Name, NRIC/Passport/FIN, UOL Student Number and Programme of Study as well as attach your revised EEF to your email to RELC EB.

Examination Fees
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Withdrawal from Examination

You may cancel your examination entry or withdraw your examination entry by informing us through the RELC Candidate Portal or email your withdrawal request to by 1 February 2018. You must keep to the prerequisites and the rules in the UOL Programme Regulations for the courses you study before you make any withdrawal. Please inform UOL about the withdrawal via the UOL VLE Portal. The terms and conditions for withdrawal/refund is as follows: 

  • Only the examination fee portion is refundable. Local fees or any late or administrative fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Any withdrawal request received after 1 February 2018 will not be entitled to any refund.

  • An administrative charge of $20 will apply for any refund request. This charge will be deducted from the refunded amount.
  • Refund will be processed within 10 weeks upon receipt of all required documentation. It is important that you provide us with your full details and all required documents promptly to avoid any delay in the process of your refund. 
  • Refund request will be final and there will be no reinstatement of any subject/module/ course/programme that you have requested to withdraw.

  • Any unsuccessful transfer of refund due to inaccurate bank account information will result in a penalty charge of $20.
  • Please provide your revised EEF if there are remaining modules that you will still be sitting for.

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  • UOL will email Candidates the Admission Notice and other relevant documents 10 days before the start of the examination, and these will also be available in the UOL Student Portal under “My Account > My Examinations” link.

  • Candidates need to Print the Admission Notice, either from the email sent by UOL or from UOL Student Portal under “My Profile> My Examinations” link.

  • RELC EB will email candidates the details on the Examinations Venue and the instructions on how to view their desk number via RELC Candidate Portal 5 working days before the start of the examination. All candidates (except for Global MBA) are to refer to RELC Candidate Portal.

  • In addition, to ensure that our notifications do not go into the SPAM box, please add the following email addresses into your email contact list/email address book:;;;

  • Candidates need to ensure that they maintain a valid and updated email address in both UOL Student Portal and RELC Candidate Portal.

  • If candidates do NOT receive the email 3 days before the start of their first paper, please email RELC EB at or call 6734 4398 (Monday-Friday, 8am to 6pm). 

  • Any request to switch or add exam modules after payment has been made to RELC EB should be submitted to UOL for approval. Candidates should notify RELC EB ( immediately of the changes and pay the administrative fee plus the difference in exam and local fees (if any) to RELC EB.  Such request has to be submitted with approval correspondence from UOL latest by 28 Feb 2018. For refund policy, please refer to “Registration for UOL Examinations > Withdrawal from Examination” tab.

Disclaimer: Receipt of Notification Email does not constitute eligibility to sit the examinations.

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Examination Regulations


  • Candidates are advised to check their Row/Desk number before entering the examination hall/room either via  RELC Candidate Portal (3 working days before the exam date) or in front of the exam hall/room on the exam day.

  • Candidates should arrive at least 30 mins before the start of their examination and deposit their personal belongings (including all electronic devices) before taking their seat.

  • Should candidates arrive after the commencement of the examination, candidates may be permitted to take the examination but will NOT be allowed extra time.

  • Candidates are not permitted to leave the examination hall/room during the first 30 minutes and in the final 10 minutes of their paper.

  • Candidates must place their Admission Notice and photographic identification (passport/driving license or national identity card) on their desk with the candidate number clearly displayed. These items must remain on their desk throughout the examination.

  • Candidates are strongly advised NOT to bring any valuables to the examination venue.  Neither RELC Examinations Bureau nor the administrator of the examination venue will assume responsibility or liability for any personal belongings stolen, lost or damaged.  Any personal belongings brought to the examination venue shall be at the candidates’ own risk.

  • Only ink and ballpoint pens are allowed.  Pencils can be used for diagrams only.  Candidates must not write in pencil or use any correction fluid.

  • All electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and smart watches etc. must be switched off and placed in the personal belongings area.  These items must not be brought to the examination desk.  No ear plugs or ear defenders are allowed to be used during the examination.

  • No food or drink other than water in a clear, see-through container is permitted in the examination hall/room.


  • The question paper is to be submitted together with the completed answer script.

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Examination Results

Release of Results

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Collection of Graduation Certificates

Collection Period

Graduation Certificates Ready for Collection
Programme Code
Programme Title
Collection Period


LLM/PG Dip/PG Cert/Short Course in Laws (May Exam)

20 Nov –22 Dec 2017


Law Graduate Entry (May Exam)

29 Nov - 22 Dec 2017


Law Standard Entry (May Exam)

29 Nov - 22 Dec 2017


BSc Business Administration

8 Dec - 22 Dec 2017


BSc Business Admin with HRM

8 Dec - 22 Dec 2017


BA History

8 Dec - 22 Dec 2017


Diploma of HE in Theology

8 Dec - 22 Dec 2017


MSc Information Security

8 Dec - 22 Dec 2017


BA English

8 Dec -  5 Jan 2018


BSc/Dip/WER Creative Computing

8 Dec -  5 Jan 2018


BSc/Dip/WER to Computing and Information Systems

8 Dec -  5 Jan 2018

BSc Accounting and Finance
2 Jan -  1 Feb 2018
BSc Banking and Finance
22 Jan -  20 Feb 2018
BSc Business
22 Jan -  20 Feb 2018
BSc Business and Management
22 Jan -  20 Feb 2018
BSc Economics & Finance
22 Jan -  20 Feb 2018
BSc Economics & Management 
22 Jan -  20 Feb 2018
BSc Economics
22 Jan -  20 Feb 2018
BSc Information Systems and Management 
25 Jan -  23 Feb 2018
BSc International Relations 
25 Jan -  23 Feb 2018
BSc Politics and International Relations
29 Jan -  27 Feb 2018
BSc Mathematics and Economics 
29 Jan -  27 Feb 2018
BSc Management 
29 Jan -  27 Feb 2018
BSc Information Systems and Management 
29 Jan -  27 Feb 2018

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Contact Us
Whitelist our Email address
  • RELC EB will send important notifications with regard to the exam registration as well as exam administration and certificate collection.

  • To ensure that you receive these important notifications, kindly ensure that your contact numbers, address and email addresses are always kept up to date and accurate, both in our record and in UOL database.


    In addition, to ensure that our notifications do not go into the SPAM box, please add the following email addresses into your email contact list/email address book: